wedding planner in ann arbor mi

wedding planner in ann arbor mi

A wedding involves a series of events that need proper planning. It first starts with engagement and once done, you will be filled with great joy. The next step is the actual wedding. If you are planning for this colorful function in the Ann Arbor, you will probably start off by browsing wedding websites as well as reading through several magazines about the same to get facts right when it comes to planning. Truth be told, the entire process of a wedding planning is a daunting task that involves an array of decisions, requires plenty of time and effort as well as lots of patience and top-notch organization skills. This explains why hiring a professional wedding planner to help organize a wedding is almost inevitable.

Despite the fact that hiring a wedding planner can be a lifeline to the challenges as mentioned above, getting planners can disorganize the entire process. In other words, it is not all about hiring any wedding planner; rather, it is about getting highly reputed planners. So, if you’re looking for the best Ann Arbor wedding planner, what are some of the determinants you need to consider to find the ultimate choice? Here below are the factors to figure out:

1. Experience

Before choosing any best wedding planner in Ann Arbor, think about their experience. Always pick a planner considered to have the best experience when it comes to planning a wedding. It is not hard to confirm the level of experience they have; just check their past wedding projects or get references/testimonials from previous customers.

2. Legal certification and other credentials

Professional wedding planners in Ann Arbor are those that have the prerequisite certifications and credentials. Indeed, those with the right qualifications are likely to offer the best services than those operating as hobbyists.

3. Consider terms and conditions for the service

When searching for the best wedding planner, it is important to check the terms and conditions of the service for several planners before choosing one. In the process, you will realize that some planners, based on their service conditions, charge relatively higher or lower. Others may charge on an hourly basis while others will charge a flat rate fee. Besides that, some wedding planners will ask fees as a percentage of the total wedding budget. Whichever service terms you think you are comfortable with, it is essential to have a written document that is endorsed by both parties stating the services that will be offered by the planner, the agreed fees, and the expectations.

4. Skill set and character

The character as well as the skill set of the planner should be considered. It is required that a good wedding planner should have excellent organizational skills and pay attention to the details of the function. Typically, as a couple, you should be comfortable with the hired planner. Therefore, you should consider picking someone who is trustworthy.


While there are many things you can consider when finding the best wedding planner in Ann Arbor mi, the above explained are just but a few. Nonetheless, they form the basis of choosing the ultimate organizers as well as the right team who can plan the most important day of your lives. In a nutshell, finding the best planner saves many wedding hustles and in the end, contribute to having one of the most successful wedding ceremonies.